Online Products NW work in partnership with Dotsquares for website, development, database development, digital marketing and social media services and with Macintosh Electronics for email services, telecom services and hosting


Dot squares UK head office is based in Albourne (near Brighton and Hove), with international offices in USA, Australia and they have in-house development centres in Jaipur, India. They work very closely with all our clients, always looking to forge long term relationships, and offer offshore outsourcing services which reduce costs, enhance organisational flexibility and improve business and IT performance. By taking your IT project offshore you can take advantage of a fantastic price that will not be matched by onshore competitors and allows you to cut down on the costs whilst maintaining a quality that even onshore companies struggle to match. We take the pain out of your IT projects and let you concentrate on the business you know best: Your own.

The idea behind Dotsquares was conceived in 2000, and the company was set up in Feb 2002. Dotsquares is a company dedicated to supplying IT services to businesses.

Software development is not only highly technical, but also managerial. Dotsquares team members at their three Development Centres in Jaipur are fully accredited and have a minimum of five years commercial experience working with truly international clients. They ensure their development teams hold all the necessary accreditation such as Microsoft’s and that their project managers are Project Management Institute (PMI) certified. To develop software requires time, skilled manpower, and expensive programs and equipment. Dotsquares have the state-of-the-art infrastructure to make sure that any external factors don’t influence the work of their team members & their clients get the fruits of the whole business model.

Offshore software development is a cost effective alternative to developing software in-house which allows business to cut cost on the software development.

Dotsquares web developers have over 5 years extensive experience of handling complex projects. Their developers have worked for more than 1000 clients all around the world creating more than 2000 website applications for them.
Macintosh Electronics Ltd is a dynamic and forward-looking IT outsourcing and solutions company. They are a registered member of the Microsoft partner program.

Macintosh Electronics Ltd was formed in 1994 by a computer professional, to meet a gap in the support market for Small and Medium sized businesses.

Macintosh Electronics Ltd is based Manchester, they have many years of experience in IT support across a variety of market sectors. Their friendly team will work with you to establish your needs and provide the most effective solution. They have a unique proactive system which can flag up and resolve any problems before you even know you have them! They offer a wide variety of services, from pay as you go support to full system installation and consultancy.

Their philosophy is that communication and control is of prime importance, so every step of the way they will keep you informed and in control of your IT. They pride ourselves in being flexible, thus custom-creating services that work for their clients, and not solutions that suit their needs. They aim to offer solutions that work for you, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Support is given by fully trained professionals, who will quickly drill down to solve any problems that arise.